Case Study 4:

General Dynamics
(formerly Spectrum Astro)
1721 West Elliot
Gilbert, Arizona

Contract Amount: $1,638,482

Project Contact: Steve Fields

This was Maricopa Metals largest project to date, and on this project we were responsible for:

  • Structural Beams, Channels and Crane Beams
  • Structural Steel Columns
  • Wind Bracing; Structural Beams and Tube Beams
  • Drag Strut Angels
  • Girder Seats At Pre-Cast Walls
  • Pipe railing At Truck Well
  • Mechanical Screen Supports and Metal Deck
  • Steel Joist and Steel Deck
  • Canopy Frames at Window and Door Ways
  • Steel Stair to Roof
  • Being our largest project awarded faced Maricopa Metals with a set of new challenges, testing our abilities. But we were up for the challenge, with a tight schedule the detailing and drawing submittals needed to be in a priority sequence in order to streamline the production. Working around many other trades at the same time required careful planning/scheduling to keep the project on time without compromising safety. To accomplish this close communication between Maricopa Metals and other trades, especially the General Contractor.

    Knowing that we were part of a team that was building a facility where satellites were going to be designed and manufactured to orbit our earth was very exciting.