Case Study 3:

Children’s Museum of Phoenix
1314 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, Arizona

Contract Amount: $207,861

Project Contact: Scott Jiles

This was a Tenant Improvement (TI) project, during this project Maricopa Metals was responsible for:

  • Structural Tube and Wide Flange Columns
  • Structural Beams
  • Support Beams at the Roofs Mechanical Units
  • Drag Strut Beams
  • Reinforcing Channels For Existing Beams
  • Ledger Angles
  • Steel Decks
  • The Phoenix’s Children’s Museum project was a massive TI to the original Monroe School built in 1914. This historical building held new surprise challenges behind every wall. Each surprise required special attention and design for the new steel. Special care was needed as much as possible when performing any task in order to preserve the 90-year-old historic building.

    Everyone at Maricopa Metals was thrilled to be a part of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. Each party involved on this project had the same goal, to provide an interior facelift while preserving a part of Phoenix’s history.