Case Study 2:

Highlands Golf Resort
625 S. Verde Santa Fe
Cornville, Arizona

Contract Amount: $161,560

Project Contact: Jim Rogers

For the Highland Golf Resort project Maricopa Metals were responsible for:

  • Eight (8) Stairs for Building Type I and Building Type II
  • One (1) set of stairs for Maintenance Building
  • Railing for stairs

Projects can become very costly due to change orders, the Highland Golf Resort could have been one of those projects. In addition to its logistical challenge, this project was done in two phases. Both phases presented several challenges, the wood framing was dimensionally sporadic, each and every units balcony, patio and entry balcony was framed with different dimensions. This required specific and special steel for each area, or a design that could be repeated in every case and still fit like a glove. Maricopa Metals provided that design, meeting all of the architect’s requirements while avoiding costly change orders to the General Contractor.

While working on the Highland Golf Resort project, the General Contractor Jim Rogers, was very receptive and had an understanding of the many challenges that surfaced during the two phases. With his actions we were able to build a very productive and efficient working relationship, and despite all of the challenges we were face with the project finished on schedule.